ICMA Coaching: 2021 Free Coaching Webinars Package

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ICMA Coaching Program webinars are opportunities for local government professionals of all career stages to learn about new and leading practices, strategies and tactics, and developing issues and trends in the field. 

The six 2021 Webinars are:

March 17 Ethics: Response to Emergencies That Impact All Citizens: Rights of the Individual vs Health and Welfare of Community

April 21 Skill Building: Best Practices to Manage Public Spaces

May 19 Leadership: Leading from the Middle

September 15 Community Outreach: Your Community in an Era of Anxiety: How Do You Make Sure You Hear Them and They Hear You

October 20 Workplace Development: The Future of Work: Strategies for Adapting to a New Reality

November 17 Career Building Growing Your Career: Tips for Redefining Yourself in the Minds of Others

Participation in this free coaching webinar series qualifies for ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program credit.

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  • Contains 4 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 11/17/2021

    Do you have the skills to do more in your organization but can't figure out how to be given the opportunity? Our panelists will give you some strategies to get ahead.

    You have been a solid performer who completes reliable work and you are viewed as a productive team member. Or perhaps you are a new employee and do not have much on the job experience, but you know that you have the skill set to do more. You have not yet been given the opportunity to display your ability to lead others and manage important projects, but you know in your heart that you can do it. What steps can be taken to build your workplace reputation in the minds of others?
    1.  What are strategies for employees to get noticed in a positive way?
    2.  What are tips for Managers to expose employees to opportunities that will expand their skills and experience, including working on teams and opportunities to manage special projects?
    3.  How important is organizational culture in providing an environment of employee support, mentorship and exposure to opportunities for professional development and advancement?
    4.  Mistakes are a part of growth, but how can an employee recover after making a mistake?
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    Heidi Vorhees

    President and Co-Owner


    Ms. Voorhees has more than 35 years’ experience in executive recruitment, general management consulting and local government administration and is the co-owner and President of GovHRUSA, a management consulting, executive recruitment and GovTemps USA, a temporary staffing business.

    Ms. Voorhees has led more than 250 recruitments for local government entities in 17 different states and the District of Columbia.  Ms. Voorhees spent 19 years in local government administration including ten years as the Village Manager for Wilmette, Illinois.  She also worked for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the Village of Schaumburg, Illinois.  She has been an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University’s MPPA program and at their Center for Public Safety.  Ms. Voorhees is a founding member of the Legacy Project, an organization in Illinois dedicated to the advancement of women in local government and is actively involved in the League of Women in Government, which supports local and statewide efforts to advance women in local government leadership.  In 2015, she co-authored “Women Leading Government – Why So Little Progress in 30 Years?” for the International City and County Management Association’s Public Management magazine.  Ms. Voorhees has spoken widely on this subject and on a wide variety of workforce issues at national and state conferences. 

    Ms. Voorhees holds a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Illinois State University. 


    Jaqui Guzman

    Deputy City Manager & Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

    City of Sunnyvale

    As Deputy City Manager at the City of Sunnyvale, Jaqui oversees Communications and manages several city-wide projects. She serves as the City's Diversity and Inclusion Liaison and is leading the City’s equity, access and inclusion organizational change management effort. She has over a decade of experience in local government serving in a range of roles from Budget Analyst to Acting Human Resources Manager. Jaqui started her career in local government as a Local Government Management Fellow. She holds a master's degree in public policy (MPP) from UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs, and a B.A from Occidental College.


    Jaqui grounds herself by being very active in her community and the profession. She serves on the board of Sunnyvale Community Services and AACI Health & Wellness.  She is an Advisory Board Member and former President of the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley. Jaqui also serves as Chair of CalCities’ City Manager Department Subcommittee on Diversity.

    Jon Radermacher

    Mr. Radermacher has over 13 years of experience in local government administration with 11 years as a City Manager/Administrator in Minnesota. He is currently the City Administrator of Little Falls, Minnesota a community of 9,140 in Central Minnesota.

    Mr. Radermacher began his career in local government administration with a Local Government Management Fellowship in Sarasota County Florida in 2008. During the brief but impactful two years in Sarasota, he worked through the worst points of the “Great Recession” in one of the hardest hit counties in the country for foreclosures. He worked on a team to develop a program to alleviate the housing crisis and utilize Federal funding to revitalize neighborhoods most impacted by foreclosures. He was hired as City Manager in Madison, Minnesota in 2010, in the middle of a comprehensive infrastructure project that replaced 80% of the City’s water, sewer, stormwater, and streets. In 2015, he took over as City Administrator of Little Falls, working on major projects including a $20+ Million Wastewater Plant. In addition to his duties as City Administrator, he has served as an ex-officio Board member of Sourcewell, and advisory or policy boards for MN Pollution Control, League of Minnesota Cities and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. Mr. Radermacher is also a Statewide advocate for childcare and has been called to testify numerous times to the State legislature to understand the complexity of the situation and recommend solution for children and families.

    Mr. Radermacher holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of South Dakota, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice from the University of South Dakota.


  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/20/2021

    Are you wondering at what pace you will need to train your workforce in order to be prepared for the workplace of the future? Join our panelists to discuss strategies to prepare your organization for a new reality.

    Some experts say that we are in the beginning stages of new Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it happen more quickly. What does the workplace of the future look like? Will technology/artificial intelligence replace some humans in the workplace? At what pace will local governments and businesses need to re-train workers to adapt to advancing technology? Will pandemics and emerging technologies change forever the office environment? 
    1.  How will these changes affect local government? What jobs will be affected?
    2. What steps can local governments take now to navigate the changing environment?
    3. What change management skills will be necessary to usher in this new era?
    4. What actions need to be taken to help employees manage this process?
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    Kris Stadleman

    Director, NovaWorks


    Ms. Stadelman has been a leader in Workforce Development for three decades in four states.  She is currently the Executive Director of the NOVA Workforce Investment Board in the Silicon Valley, California; previous CEO of the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County, Washington; has held leadership positions in statewide programs in Colorado for the Governor’s Office as well as the State AFL-CIO; and directed employment and training programs for Community Action in Appalachian Ohio. 

     She is the past Chair for the California Workforce Association, former Chair for the Workforce Development Council of the US Conference of Mayors and was voted Executive Director of the Year by the National Workforce Association in 2007.  The Silicon Valley Business Journal listed Ms. Stadelman as a “Woman of Influence” in 2013.

    Alan Vandenberg

    County Administrator

    Kent County Michigan

    Al Vanderberg serves as County Administrator/Controller of Kent County, MI since August 2021.  Previously Al served as County Administrator of Ottawa County, MI; Deputy County Administrator/Controller of Kent County, MI;  City Manager of South Haven, MI; and Assistant City Manager of Greenville, MI.  Al earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and Master of Public Administration Degree from Michigan State University.

    Al served as President of the Michigan Municipal Executives and Michigan Association of County Administrative Officials (MACAO), Chair of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC) Board of Directors, and Chair of the former West Michigan Strategic Alliance. He was appointed by Gov. Snyder to the Michigan Municipal Services Authority Board of Directors and Executive Committee and was appointed by Gov. Snyder and reappointed by Gov. Whitmer to the Michigan Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission. Al is a member of the MI Department of Civil Rights Council for Government and Education on Equity and Inclusion, the NACo DEI Advisory Group and the National Association of County Administrators Board of Directors..

    Al is a member of the adjunct faculty of Grand Valley State University where he teaches in the undergraduate and masters programs.  He also writes and speaks frequently on local government management topics and issues. 

    Kip Harkness

    Deputy City Manager

    San Jose

    Kip's purpose is to Awaken talented people to the spark of their full potential and enable them to change themselves and the world. His career journey has taken him from Timbuktu to Silicon Valley. Along the way Kip has advised farmers on the edge of the Sahara, created the national award winning Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, managed complex real-estate deals, and lead a network of top technology leaders.  Kip is currently a Deputy City Manager for the City of San José guiding leaders in the execution the City's enterprise priorities of;

    + Building the San José of Tomorrow: charged with transforming the entitlement and permitting processes to move at the speed of business, + Creating a smart and sustainable city : driving the adoption of 21st century infrastructure, with technology and innovation as enabling capabilities, and + Emergency Preparedness with relentless attention to preparing San José to respond to and recover from the next disaster.

    His portfolio has included responsibility for operations with over 1,700 employees, $480 Million annual operating budget and $2.5 Billion in capital projects. 

    Since 24 January 2020 he has led the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic as the Director of the Emergency Operations Center.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 09/15/2021

    Learn best practices to ensure that your community is set up to successfully navigate the challenges for your next emergency situation.

    No one can deny that 2020 was a year of uncertainty and anxiety. However, every experienced manager knows that challenges can arise at any time. Good leaders work to build effective two way communication and develop relationships in their communities during good times so that they are better prepared to handle a crisis. 
    • 1.  The importance of establishing quality relationships with your community and its institutions BEFORE the crisis.
    • 2.  Best methods for emergency communications with the community—those affected and unaffected by the crisis.
    • 3.  Creating quality community conversations to lead forward and out of the crisis. 
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    Jennie Vana

    Media Services Director

    Des Plaines, IL

    Jennie Vana is a strategic and accomplished leader with 25 years of experience in communications and engagement, public and media relations, and creative storytelling through multi-media. Jennie also has extensive experience in crisis communications and emergency response.

     In January 2021, she joined the City of Des Plaines as its Media Services Director. Des Plaines is a Chicago suburb located just north of O'Hare International Airport with about 60,000 people). Jennie is responsible for managing and coordinating various communications and outreach efforts for the City, including traditional media relations, social media, marketing, print and digital communications, video production, and internal communications/engagement.

     She served for 12 years leading the Lake County, IL communications team earning numerous national awards for their effective and innovative communications projects.

     Jennie started her career as a television news reporter, first as a one-man-band reporter and anchor in Georgia, and then as the lead reporter for the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, FL. Jennie earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northern Illinois University. Jennie earned her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) in 2011.

    Jennie combines passion, energy, creativity and strategy to deliver authentic communications that aims to build trust, foster relationships and citizen participation and improve public health and well-being.

     She has served in several volunteer leadership roles, including serving on the Board of Directors for the City, County, Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA).

     Jennie's happy place is at the lake or at the beach with her husband, two young children, two dogs and extended family. She also enjoys food, wine and traveling.


    Martin Carcasson, Ph.D.

    Professor and Director, CSU Center for Public Deliberatoin

    Colorado State University

    Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., is aprofessor in the Communication Studies department of Colorado State University,the founder and director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), andformerly the chair of the National Coalition for Dialogue and DeliberationBoard of Directors. His research focuses on helping local communities address“wicked problems” more productively through improved public communication,community problem solving, and collaborative decision-making. The CPD is apractical, applied extension of his work, and functions as an impartialresource dedicated to enhancing local democracy in Northern Colorado. Dr.Carcasson and the CPD staff train students to serve as impartial facilitators,who then work with local governments, school boards, and communityorganizations to design, facilitate, and report on innovative projects andevents on key community issues. 

    Kendall Martin

    Communications Director

    Alliance San Diego

    Kendall Martin is the Communications Director at Alliance San Diego. He recently served as a Communications Manager at Metro which is the regional government for greater Portland, OR.

     Kendall’s current role involves planning and administering a communications portfolio that includes message development, programming and media relations support for Alliance San Diego and multiple community-based coalitions. He manages a team of communications staff charged with ensuring the consistent, relevant and timely delivery of public-facing information on topics such as police accountability, immigration rights, economic and social impacts on border communities, protection of voting rights and education reform. His broader experience includes developing communications strategies and campaigns for public affairs, marketing, and community involvement organizations. He strives to ensure that historically marginalized communities are not only informed and motivated by the mission of Alliance San Diego, but also have a platform to exercise their democratic rights to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions.

     Kendall is a proud member of the IAP2 USA board. He is also a proud husband and father to three sons who all thoroughly enjoy outdoor activities and travel.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 05/19/2021

    You do not need to be in a management position to be a leader. Join us to learn about opportunities to become a future leader in your organization.

    Being a leader does not require you to be in a top management position. The individual who gets the team together to download the paper pallet instead of requiring one person or individual to do it alone is a leader. Whether your organization has a formal process for improvement, or changes are made in a more informal way, there are opportunities for any employee to serve as a leader.
    1. What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
    2. Margaret Wheatley uses the term “leader-full organization.” What does this mean and        why is it important?
    3. What are some strategies for mid-level managers and front-line employees to improve their leadership skills and grow their career?
    4. What role does the leadership team play in creating opportunities for their staff to become future leaders.
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    Noor Shaikh

    Assistant Budget Director, Office of Budget and Management

    City of Chicago

    Noor has been a member of ICMA since 2015. She graduated with her MPA from University of Indiana Bloomington in 2016 and became and ICMA Local Government Management Fellow with the City of Aurora, Colorado where she honed her budget analyst skills and then moved to a Capital Manager position with the City of Dallas, Texas. Noor is currently an Assistant Budget Director for the City of Chicago. You can receive professional Development advice from Noor on ICMA Coach Connect.

    Chantal Cotton Gaines

    Deputy Manager

    City of Palo Alto

    Chantal graduated from University of Michigan with her MPP and MUP in 2010. Chantal has been an ICMA member since 2010 and you can find her on ICMA Coach Connect for 1:1 professional development advice. She has had several local government positions to include Assistant to the City Manager for Oakland, CA. She is currently the Deputy City Manager for the City of Palo Alto, CA. 

    Haley Kadish

    Performance and Innovation Officer

    City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Haley graduated with MPA from Ohio State University in 2012 and performed her Local Government Management Fellowship at Catawba County in North Carolina. From there she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she is currently the Performance and Innovation Officer. 

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 04/21/2021

    Every citizen enjoys free and inviting outdoor spaces, however, there can be challenges in operating and maintaining them. Our expert panelists will give you some best tips on managing and utilizing public spaces.

    According to a study by the National Research Center, one of the top ten things that residents want in their community is the ability to be close to nature. Community parks and other open spaces where people can gather outside are important to residents. Most of us would agree that these areas are good for the community and there are many different ways to use these spaces; however, there can be challenges in operating and maintaining them. Our panelists will give you some best practices in managing public spaces.
    • 1.  How do we ensure that our public spaces best meet the needs of our community and are welcomed as true assets by our residents and businesspersons?
    • 2.  What are some innovative ways to utilize “typical” public facilities in non-traditional, more attractive ways?  (public art, water detention facilities, green roofs)
    • 3.  How can you promote the use of your public spaces and ensure that your public spaces are clean and welcoming?
    • 4.  What happens when the unplanned occurs—protests, homelessness, destruction of public property, etc?  Are there groups in the community that you can build relationships with to help keep the community safe during unrest.
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    Jen Krava

    Director of Programming and New Initiatives

    Forecast Public Art

    Jen Krava, Director of Programming + New Initiatives, holds aMaster in Design Studies, with a focus on Art, Design and the Public Domainfrom Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she graduated with commendationand received the Unsung Hero Award. She also holds a Master in LandscapeArchitecture from the University of Minnesota College of Design, and was a 2011Yale studio painting research fellow.

    AsDirector of Programming + New Initiatives, Jen sets the vision and strategy forall programming at Forecast. She also facilitates RFQ and artist selectionprocesses, writes public art master plans, manages the artist grant program,and creates and facilitates in person workshops and trainings.

    Jenis an Adjunct Professor in the College of Design at the University ofMinnesota, co-editor of _SCAPE, ASLA-MN’s publication, and a visual artist,studying the body as a site, performative garments, and analog technologies.

    Eileen Richardson


    Downtown Streets Team

    Eileen has been building and refining a non-conforming solution to homelessness, called Downtown Streets Team for close to 15 years. She has relentlessly pursued her vision to build positive communities which include and empower unhoused people throughout Northern CA.

    Eileen has had an incredible career - 15 years in the high-tech industry - 10 as a venture capitalist and 5 as CEO of two high tech companies. It was Eileen’s love of music and belief that the internet could change the world that led her to be the become the first CEO of Napster, where she helped grow the infamous startup from a few thousand users to 20 million--the fastest growing brand in history at the time.

    Guided by the principle that everyone deserved the opportunity to become a proud, productive member of their community, and driven to reduce the impacts of homelessness, such as litter and panhandling, on the community and downtown areas, Eileen launched the very first Downtown Streets Team (DST) in 2005.

    Over the years, Eileen has relentlessly pursued this vision to build positive communities which include and empower unhoused people throughout Northern CA. Since its inception, DST has grown from serving four Team Members (homeless volunteers), a $45,000 annual budget, and Eileen as the sole employee to an agency with an annual budget of $8M operating Teams in over a dozen cities in eight counties in California and two satellite operations in Florida, and serves 1000+ Team Members a year.

    DST has been named one of only five ‘Evidence-Based Best Practices in Ending Homelessness’ in the State of California according to the 2018 Homelessness Task Force Report released by the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties and is nearing its 2000th success story. The program has also been named a ‘Top 50 Innovation in American Government’ by the Ash Institute at Harvard’s Kennedy School and has been acknowledged by city leadership in every city it operates in as “outstanding, best in class or innovative “.

    For her pioneering leadership at the helm of DST, Eileen has also been recognized as an influential visionary. In the Spring of 2018 Eileen was named one of 30 Visionaries by the New York Times, using innovative technology for good; she has been named a Paul Harris Rotary Fellow; and recognized with the ‘Athena Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce in Palo Alto. Most recently, Eileen is being recognized as a winner of the 2019 James Irvine Leadership Award.

    As a leader in the world of nonprofit employment, DST has also been recognized as an outstanding place to work and has received numerous ‘Best Nonprofit to Work For’ awards from The Nonprofit Times. Eileen is the mother of two, and grandmother of two. She lives in Mountain View, CA and studied both Accounting and Business Administration at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

    Her belief remains: every person deserves, needs and wants a meaningful position in their community and that unhoused people are the solution to homelessness.

    Dominic Iacofano

    CEO, President


    Daniel Iacofano (Ph.D., FAICP, FASLA) is internationally recognized as an innovator and thought leader in urban planning and design, strategic planning, organizational development, facilitation, and consensus building. His career is as multifaceted as the field he chose to pursue and the firm he helped co-found. The breadth of planning not only encompasses everything he enjoys, it enables him to do what he does best—engage others in creative problem-solving to improve people’s lives. From policy- and place-making to systems and structures, Daniel has worked with hundreds of communities and organizations around the world to think strategically and critically about achieving desired change. No matter what the project entails—restoring a river, developing a downtown, or repurposing a public agency—his comfort with complexity and his dexterity with details enables him to guide clients through the process of evaluation, decision-making and implementation. The management, facilitation, and listening skills he has honed over three decades enable him to readily assess needs and identify a path forward. Regardless of the size, shape or current state of a project, Daniel will always “push the quality envelope” and seek innovation in arriving at solutions. He delivers the best outcomes possible within given constraints and against sometimes opposing forces. With his extensive range of experience and expertise in physical, environmental, and strategic planning, clients and communities across the nation often find that his impact lasts well beyond his involvement.

  • Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 03/17/2021

    This webinar will discuss the ethical decisions that leaders must make during disaster response operations.

    Description: How do Ethics play a role in emergency response? One way is in the determination of when the rights of the individual should be sacrificed to keep the entire community safe. What does that decision making process look like? And how does a community enforce such a mandate?  Join us for an exciting discussion on these ethical questions.
    • What are the key factors involved in making a decision to restrict individual liberties for the benefit of the entire community? 
    • How should our ICMA Code of Ethics be considered when weighing decisions that could negatively impact our individual constituents for the benefit of the whole?
    • How do local government services change when confronted with a natural or manmade disaster or other situation that is a risk to our community? 
    • How do we safeguard the physical and mental health of our employees when responding to this less-than-normal situation? 
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner

    Randall Reid

    ICMA Southeast Regional Director


    Randall (Randy)Reid serves as Southeast Regional Director & Director of Performance Initiatives for the International City and County Management Association.  He over 40 years of experience in local government serving as the County Manager of Martin, Alachua, and Sarasota County in Florida, and as the City Manager of Green River, WY and Titusville, Fl. Mr. Reid started his career as an intern in Vandalia, Ohio, rising to Assistant City Manager.

    Randy has served as President of the Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) and the Great Open Spaces City Management Association (GOSCMA). He has chaired the FCCMA Ethics Committee and served on the Florida League of Cities Board of Directors, the Alliance for Innovation Board of Directors and the Florida Association of Counties Foundation Board. He has served on many ICMA committees and chaired the ICMA Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee. He holds a Master of Public Administration Degree (MPA) from the University of Dayton and a BA in Public Administration from Miami University of Ohio.

     Reid is a father of three, life member of the National Eagle Scout Association, a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, a frequent conference speaker and currently serves as Practitioner in Residence and Courtesy Assistant at the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida, which has a focus on civic engagement and education. He resides in Gainesville, Florida.

    Opal Mauldin-Jones

    City Manager Lancaster, Texas

    Lancaster, Texas

    Opal Mauldin-Jones is the first African American woman to be appointed to the role of City Manager in the City of Lancaster, Texas. Appointed in February 2011, Opal has been serving the residents of Lancaster in various roles since 2003. Through Opal's leadership, the City of Lancaster received the distinct honor of being named a 2019 All-America City award winner. Opal’s leadership philosophy is “Continuous Improvement and Excellence in the Quality and Deliverance of Service to Residents”. She ensures her staff continuously serves the City of Lancaster with P.R.I.D.E. (Productivity, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence).

    Opal currently serves on the TCMA Board of Directors as Director-at-Large, the Best Southwest Partnership Board of Directors, and the North Texas Commission Board of Directors. She has received various awards and recognition throughout her career. In 2019, Opal was named Outstanding Texan for State District 109 by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus and she received the ELGL Trager Award which recognizes the top influencers in local government. Opal was recently recognized by the Municipal World Magazine as a 2020 Woman of Influence in Local Government award recipient.  Opal is an active member of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). She currently serves on the ICMA International Committee.

    As a native Texan, Opal takes personal pride in serving the community of Lancaster implementing innovative ideas that are certain to keep Lancaster as a trailblazing city. Her public service legacy is one of excellence that truly embodies the selfless work of public servants dedicating their lives to the common good of their community.


    Francis Robustelli

    Interim City Manager San Leandro, California

    San Leandro, California

    For the past 25 years, Ms. Fran Robustelli has served in executive roles with special districts and city governments. With previous specialization in human resources, Ms. Robustelli is also skilled in a wide range of other City service areas, including economic development, budget & risk management, and emergency services. Since December 2020, Ms. Robustelli has been the interim city manager for the City of San Leandro. Ms. Robustelli took charge of the city manager position amid the coronavirus pandemic, calls for police reform, budget shortfalls, and City Council leadership changes. The past several months have been one of the busiest times in her public sector career. However, Ms. Robustelli determines daily to meet the unpredictability and challenges with the traits of servant leadership, consensus building, and strategic communication.