Free Webinar: Smart Community Strategies for Small and Midsize Jurisdictions

Includes a Live Event on 08/29/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

Despite operating on smaller budgets and facing unique challenges compared to larger municipalities such as New York or London, small and midsize jurisdictions can still implement smart community strategies through careful planning and innovative use of technology. ICMA and SIEMENS have partnered for a new white paper on this topic, featuring profiles of smart communities such as Bellevue, Washington and Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.

In this webinar, you'll join speakers from the cities of Portland, Maine and Bellevue, Washington, along with staff members from ICMA and Siemens, as they review key findings from this white paper (available for download here). This program will cover:

  • How communities have leveraged technology to increase operational efficiencies
  • Developing partnerships and funding arrangements to share the risks and rewards of technology investments
  • Using the Internet of Things to improve service delivery
  • Promoting your community as a testing ground for new ideas

This webinar is complimentary thanks to the sponsorship of an ICMA Strategic Partner who will have access to registration information.

Lena Geraghty

Director of Innovation and Performance Management

Lena is the City of Portland's first Director of Innovation and Performance Management. She is responsible for creating efficiencies and improving processes in departments across the City and ensuring Portland is a smart and innovative community. Before coming to the City of Portland, Lena spent several years as a senior advisor for the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University. She assisted more than 30 local governments in the US and beyond to manage and use their data to make better decisions for their communities. She designed and administered in-person and online trainings for government staff members at all levels of the organization, and facilitated technical assistance engagements. Lena is an MPA graduate of UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Government, specializing in local government and performance.

Chelo Picardal

Chief Technology Officer

Ms. Picardal is the City of Bellevue’s Chief Technology Officer responsible for smart city coordination, long-term technology strategies, broadband connectivity partnerships, and infrastructure operations.  She has more than 25 years of experience in system architecture, information technology, strategic planning and project management for mission critical operations in federal and local government.  She leads a multi-disciplinary team focused on achieving Bellevue’s long-term smart city vision to create a more livable, sustainable and resilient city.  She also chairs a consortium building a robust regional fiber network connecting community institutions – schools, universities, hospitals, public safety agencies and cities.  

Jessica Johnston

Program Director

Jessica Johnston is a Program Director at ICMA on the Global Programs Team. Jessica oversees a portfolio of local government technical assistance projects and contributes regularly to ICMA’s research and content. She holds a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies from Chapman University and an M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Melon.

Peter Torrellas

National Business Manager for State and Local Government

Peter Torrellas is the National Business Manager for State and Local Government at Siemens and a Fellow at the Center for Neighborhood Technology leading Smart City initiatives. His current focus is on building performance, water infrastructure, energy strategies, and public private partnerships. He previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Siemens Infrastructure & Cities. His portfolio included logistics, aviation, passenger and freight rail, ports, and road and city mobility. Peter has over 20 years of experience in innovation and infrastructure and began his passion for making our cities smarter over a decade ago by successfully designing and delivering over $500M in software, hardware, and IT technology for New York City’s infrastructure.

Peter is a nationally recognized thought leader in the design and implementation of new technologies within our built infrastructure and was recently hosted by the United Nations, World Bank Group, United Sates Conference of Mayors, National Governor's Association, National Academies of Sciences, and many others to discuss the role of technology in our cities. Peter has been quoted by BBC News, The National League of Cities, CNN Money, Metro Magazine, TechCrunch, The Financial Times, The International City and County Managers Association, and several others.


08/29/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
08/29/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
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1.50 ICMA CE credits  |  Certificate available