Establishing an Effective Social Media Policy for Your Jurisdiction

Recorded On: 06/25/2019

If you work in local government, you've almost certainly heard stories of public officials getting themselves into hot water through irresponsible use of social media. While these situations can often be avoided by using common sense, it's crucial for municipalities to have clear, detailed social media policies in place to both protect the government and its employees from legal liability as well as to maintain the public's trust.

 In this webinar, you'll join Dr. Thomas Bryer from the University of Central Florida and Dr. Sarah Stoeckel from the Titusville, FL city council as they give you the tools you need to make sure your local government's social media policies are up to snuff. You will learn:

  • The essential elements of an effective social media policy
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls your government may encounter on social media
  • Possibilities of social media use beyond information sharing
  • How to have productive conversations with your elected officials about social media use

Thomas Bryer

Professor of Public Administration, University of Central Florida

Thomas Bryer, PhD, is professor in the School of Public Administration and Doctoral Program in Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida. He is also chief researcher and visiting professor at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and visiting professor at Edge Hill University (England). He is the author or editor of five books, including (1) Social Media for Government: Theory and Practice, (2) Poor Participation: Fighting the Wars on Poverty and Impoverished Citizenship, and (3) Promoting Civic Health through University-Community Partnerships: Global Contexts and Experiences. 

Sarah Stoeckel

City Council Member, Titusville, FL

Sarah Stoeckel, PhD, is a graduate of the doctoral program in Public Affairs at UCF. Her research focuses primarily on social media and citizen engagement components related to transparency, participation, and collaboration. She serves as an elected official of the City Council for the City of Titusville, Florida. She has a passion for synthesizing theoretical frameworks for practical application, especially as it pertains to the relationships between government agencies, elected officials, and citizens. 


06/25/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
06/25/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)   |  90 minutes
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1.50 ICMA CE credits  |  Certificate available