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  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - Growing Your Career: Tips for Redefining Yourself in the Minds of Others

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 11/17/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

    Do you have the skills to do more in your organization but can't figure out how to be given the opportunity? Our panelists will give you some strategies to get ahead.

    You have been a solid performer who completes reliable work and you are viewed as a productive team member. Or perhaps you are a new employee and do not have much on the job experience, but you know that you have the skill set to do more. You have not yet been given the opportunity to display your ability to lead others and manage important projects, but you know in your heart that you can do it. What steps can be taken to build your workplace reputation in the minds of others?
    1.  What are strategies for employees to get noticed in a positive way?
    2.  What are tips for Managers to expose employees to opportunities that will expand their skills and experience, including working on teams and opportunities to manage special projects?
    3.  How important is organizational culture in providing an environment of employee support, mentorship and exposure to opportunities for professional development and advancement?
    4.  Mistakes are a part of growth, but how can an employee recover after making a mistake?
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner
  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - The Future of Work: Strategies for Adapting to a New Reality

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 10/20/2021 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Are you wondering at what pace you will need to train your workforce in order to be prepared for the workplace of the future? Join our panelists to discuss strategies to prepare your organization for a new reality.

    Some experts say that we are in the beginning stages of new Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it happen more quickly. What does the workplace of the future look like? Will technology/artificial intelligence replace some humans in the workplace? At what pace will local governments and businesses need to re-train workers to adapt to advancing technology? Will pandemics and emerging technologies change forever the office environment? 
    1.  How will these changes affect local government? What jobs will be affected?
    2. What steps can local governments take now to navigate the changing environment?
    3. What change management skills will be necessary to usher in this new era?
    4. What actions need to be taken to help employees manage this process?
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner
  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - Leading Your Community in an Era of Anxiety: How Do You Make Sure You Hear Them and They Hear You

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 09/15/2021 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Learn best practices to ensure that your community is set up to successfully navigate the challenges for your next emergency situation.

    No one can deny that 2020 was a year of uncertainty and anxiety. However, every experienced manager knows that challenges can arise at any time. Good leaders work to build effective two way communication and develop relationships in their communities during good times so that they are better prepared to handle a crisis. 
    • 1.  The importance of establishing quality relationships with your community and its institutions BEFORE the crisis.
    • 2.  Best methods for emergency communications with the community—those affected and unaffected by the crisis.
    • 3.  Creating quality community conversations to lead forward and out of the crisis. 
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner
  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - Leading from the Middle

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 05/19/2021 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    You do not need to be in a management position to be a leader. Join us to learn about opportunities to become a future leader in your organization.

    Being a leader does not require you to be in a top management position. The individual who gets the team together to download the paper pallet instead of requiring one person or individual to do it alone is a leader. Whether your organization has a formal process for improvement, or changes are made in a more informal way, there are opportunities for any employee to serve as a leader.
    1. What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
    2. Margaret Wheatley uses the term “leader-full organization.” What does this mean and        why is it important?
    3. What are some strategies for mid-level managers and front-line employees to improve their leadership skills and grow their career?
    4. What role does the leadership team play in creating opportunities for their staff to become future leaders.
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner
  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - Best Practices to Manage Public Spaces

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 04/21/2021 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Every citizen enjoys free and inviting outdoor spaces, however, there can be challenges in operating and maintaining them. Our expert panelists will give you some best tips on managing and utilizing public spaces.

    According to a study by the National Research Center, one of the top ten things that residents want in their community is the ability to be close to nature. Community parks and other open spaces where people can gather outside are important to residents. Most of us would agree that these areas are good for the community and there are many different ways to use these spaces; however, there can be challenges in operating and maintaining them. Our panelists will give you some best practices in managing public spaces.
    • 1.  How do we ensure that our public spaces best meet the needs of our community and are welcomed as true assets by our residents and businesspersons?
    • 2.  What are some innovative ways to utilize “typical” public facilities in non-traditional, more attractive ways?  (public art, water detention facilities, green roofs)
    • 3.  How can you promote the use of your public spaces and ensure that your public spaces are clean and welcoming?
    • 4.  What happens when the unplanned occurs—protests, homelessness, destruction of public property, etc?  Are there groups in the community that you can build relationships with to help keep the community safe during unrest.
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner

  • ICMA Free Coaching Webinar - Response to Emergencies That Impact All Citizens: Rights of the Individual vs Health and Welfare of Community

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 03/17/2021 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    This webinar will discuss the ethical decisions that leaders must make during disaster response operations.

    Description: How do Ethics play a role in emergency response? One way is in the determination of when the rights of the individual should be sacrificed to keep the entire community safe. What does that decision making process look like? And how does a community enforce such a mandate?  Join us for an exciting discussion on these ethical questions.
    • What are the key factors involved in making a decision to restrict individual liberties for the benefit of the entire community? 
    • How should our ICMA Code of Ethics be considered when weighing decisions that could negatively impact our individual constituents for the benefit of the whole?
    • How do local government services change when confronted with a natural or manmade disaster or other situation that is a risk to our community? 
    • How do we safeguard the physical and mental health of our employees when responding to this less-than-normal situation? 
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    This webinar is sponsored by ICMA-RC, ICMA Premier Level Strategic Partner

  • ICMA Coaching: 2021 Free Coaching Webinars Package

    Contains 6 Product(s)

    Sign up for all six FREE live webinars spotlighting best practices featuring local government professionals and experts -- invite your whole team to participate!

    ICMA Coaching Program webinars are opportunities for local government professionals of all career stages to learn about new and leading practices, strategies and tactics, and developing issues and trends in the field. 

    The six 2021 Webinars are:

    March 17 Ethics: Response to Emergencies That Impact All Citizens: Rights of the Individual vs Health and Welfare of Community

    April 21 Skill Building: Best Practices to Manage Public Spaces

    May 19 Leadership: Leading from the Middle

    September 15 Community Outreach: Your Community in an Era of Anxiety: How Do You Make Sure You Hear Them and They Hear You

    October 20 Workplace Development: The Future of Work: Strategies for Adapting to a New Reality

    November 17 Career Building Growing Your Career: Tips for Redefining Yourself in the Minds of Others

    Participation in this free coaching webinar series qualifies for ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program credit.

    Can't attend? Register and receive an automatic e-mail notice when the recording is available. 

  • Think Outside the Building: Innovating Your Future

    Contains 1 Component(s) Includes a Live Web Event on 03/02/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

    Join one of ICMA's most popular speakers, Patrick Ibarra, for a webinar on fostering a culture of innovation in your local government.

    Government is trying to make progress with the emergency brake on.  Knowing that innovation is critical isn’t enough - “getting it” is one thing, “getting it done” is quite another.  If your organization thinks of itself only as a government, it behaves in only one way. But if it begins to think of itself as a community builder, quality of life advocate, and service provider, then it starts to behave differently. And that’s where innovation surfaces because to innovate is to implement change that creates a new dimension of performance.  In this webinar, practical strategies and proven techniques are presented for leaders to (re)set the tone of a dynamic, always-on, learning culture that’s essential to unleash creativity and lead to faster, better innovation.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [6] Strategic Leadership; [13] Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

    Patrick Ibarra

    Co-founder; Mejorando Group

    Patrick Ibarra is an architect of innovation and entrepreneur of ideas, who seeks to challenge the status quo thinking of the “we’ve always done it that way” approach. With experience as a city manager and human resource director, Patrick is co-founder and partner of the Mejorando Group, an organizational effectiveness consulting firm that brings fresh thinking, innovation, and new ideas to help governments succeed in the 21st century.  Mejorando is a Spanish word meaning “getting better all the time” and it reflects Patrick and his firm’s approach as they advise top organizations and high achievers, helping them clarify their direction, focus their efforts and execute to reach the right results faster. The Mejorando Group’s clients include a variety of public sector organizations throughout the nation.

  • Expanding Broadband Access in Your Community

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 02/25/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

    In this webinar, you'll explore case studies of what local governments are doing to expand access to high-speed internet in their communities.

    While those of us living in major metropolitan areas often take our broadband access for granted, even in 2020 many areas of the country still don't have reliable access to high-speed internet. While some local governments have intervened by developing their own broadband networks, in many states there are laws restricting or sometimes outright barring the ability of local governments to offer these services. However, even in states with these restrictions there are still actions your jurisdiction can take to make broadband internet more accessible for your residents.

    In this webinar, you'll join speakers from Lincoln, NE and Mont Belvieu, TX as they discuss how their jurisdictions have either set up their own broadband networks or laid the groundwork for the private sector to do so. You'll also hear from Carrie Goetz, an expert in IT infrastructure and smart cities, as she explores case studies from other municipalities across the country who have tackled this important issue.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [9] Community and Resident Service; [10] Service Delivery; [11] Technological Literacy

    Carrie Goetz

    Principal/CTO, StrategITcom

    Carrie (Higbie) Goetz , Principal/CTO, StrategITcom, personifies nearly 40 years of global experience designing, running and auditing, data centers, IT departments, and intelligent buildings. She is an international keynote speaker. Having traveled nearly 4,000,000 miles, Carrie works with end users in enterprise, colocation, hosting and cloud facilities with a broad background in the Financial, Government, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Industrial/Manufacturing. With a background in consulting and as a Fortune 500 IT executive, Carrie now provides technical direction and strategic planning spearheading CTOaaS fractional CTO services. She has developed and delivered over 800 hours of curriculum, and has taught at a collegiate level.

    Nathan Watkins

    City Manager, Mont Belvieu, TX

    Nathan is currently the City Manager for the City of Mont Belvieu and has served the community for 9 years. Prior to working for the City, Nathan served in the United States Navy for 6 years as a member of Naval Special Warfare and as a crewmember of the USS Enterprise deploying to Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Nathan’s primary focus as City Manager is implementing value-creating strategies that deliver results while fostering innovation and building a cohesive enterprise that continues to position the City for success during unprecedented growth. Nathan attended the University of Houston where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration. Post-graduation Nathan continued his education completing an in resident program at Harvard University and obtained a certificate from the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma.

  • Free Webinar: COVID-19 Cost Recovery: Ways to Maximize Federal Funding for Response, Recovery & Vaccination

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 02/18/2021 at 1:00 PM (EST)

    Join ICMA and Hagerty Consulting for a webinar on how your jurisdiction can maximize federal funding for COVID recovery costs.

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government continues to actively provide reimbursement and stimulus funding to equip state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) governments with the financial tools and resources required to combat the spread of COVID-19 and, now, to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine. While the maze of federal funding can be difficult to navigate, planning your cost recovery now will help maximize federal reimbursement opportunities in the future.

    Hagerty Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps clients prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against disasters. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response, Hagerty has helped more than 25 state and local governments as well as over 100 hospitals and healthcare systems manage billions of dollars in CARES Act, FEMA, HHS, and other federal funding. During this webinar, Hagerty executives will share insights on how to best navigate ongoing reimbursement and recovery challenges your community may be facing.

    ICMA Practice Areas: [7] Strategic Planning; [12] Financial Management and Budgeting

    Mark O'Mara

    Director of Recovery

    Mark O’Mara serves as Hagerty’s Director of Recovery. Mark is an experienced Disaster Recovery Project Manager with a demonstrated history in the recovery and grants management industries and strong background in design and construction. Over 13 years experience in developing, managing, and leading the formulation and administration of over $15B of grants funded through the FEMA Public Assistance (PA), HUD Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), FHWA/FTA – Emergency Relief (ER), etc. programs.

    He is experienced with all Categories of FEMA PA eligibility, facilities, and policies including damage assessments, scope of work development, cost estimating, the 428 PAAP Program, Section 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Programs, Benefit Costs Analyses (BCAs), project closeout, etc. Supported Recovery operations on countless declarations including flooding, tornadoes, winter storms as well as hurricanes (Katrina, Irene, and Sandy).

    Mark is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in negotiation, management, business development, innovative problem solving, construction means and methods, and project delivery.  He is a strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

    Mark came to Hagerty by way of the Gulf Coast. Armed with a degree in Architecture from the University of Tennessee, USGBC LEED Building Design and Construction accreditation, and a specialty in Historic Preservation, Mark responded to the country’s largest modern disaster, Hurricane Katrina, by moving to the Gulf Coast in 2004. There he led recovery operations for over $150 million of school, hospital, and city projects.

    Currently Mark manages a multi-disciplined team including architects, engineers, cost estimators, SMEs, and programmatic advisors. Together they manage the successful formulation, reconciliation, draw down and eventual close out of approximately $9 billion of eligible FEMA Public Assistance (PA) reimbursement for New York City and New York / New Jersey Port Authority to offset damage suffered during Hurricane Sandy. Mark’s expertise also includes applying for and managing Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grants – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) grants (over $4B to date).

    Originally from Denver, Mark resides in Baltimore, but works in Manhattan where he gets to see the progress of the Hurricane Sandy Recovery every day.

    Matthew Hochstein

    Vice President, Client Services, Hagerty Consulting

    Matt Hochstein is a skilled leader with extensive experience managing and delivering complex projects. Widely regarded as an accomplished facilitator and skilled at guiding senior-level briefings, programmatic workshops, and policy implementation strategies, he has extensive experience staffing and managing teams of various sizes.

    Matt’s career is filled with notable achievements, but three in particular stand out: he designed a test strategy and served as test manager for the world’s first integrated testing effort between SAP and GIS leading a testing team of over 30 people; he led a 25-person team in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) Catastrophic Planning initiative, the first and largest multi-state/multi-region effort for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), spanning four FEMA regions and eight states; he transformed FEMA’s post-disaster commodity distribution strategy by developing a data collection and analysis tool that modeled required commodity levels.

    Currently Matt is responsible for developing and implementing Hagerty’s 2016 Business Development and Executive Relationship Plan.  Matt also manages Hagerty’s Washington, D.C. office, where his responsibilities include coordinating all federal business activities and collaborating with Hagerty leaders across the firm on significant company-wide initiatives. Prior to Hagerty, Matt worked with Deloitte Consulting as a Manager in the Strategy and Operations practice area; there he was responsible for operational management of client engagements in addition to supporting business development and personnel management within the firm. At Credit Suisse Securities, Matt worked in the Strategic Change Management Group where he managed global resources by through implementation of operations-focused initiatives. Matt’s first consulting role was with Public Consulting Group, Inc. where he was elevated to the level of Senior Consultant while managing third party liability/recovery contracts for multiple State Medicaid Agencies. Matt is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and completed the Homeland Security Exercise and Education Program (HSEEP). He received a Master of Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, and, a Bachelor of Arts, Government, from Wesleyan University (CT). He lives in Virginia with his wife and children.

    Jeff Bokser

    Vice President of Healthcare Programs, Hagerty Consulting

    Jeff Bokser is Hagerty Consulting’s Senior Healthcare Executive with strategic expertise in all aspects of healthcare operations, finance, crisis management and recovery. Jeff currently leads Hagerty Consulting’s Healthcare and University practice focused on COVID-19 response and financial recovery and is working with public health departments, hospitals, healthcare systems and universities across the country.

    Jeff has over 20 years of experience as a senior leader at NewYork-Presbyterian and Yale New Haven Health. He advanced performance and increased revenue in clinical and nonclinical settings and led innovation in daily operations and care delivery processes. He is nationally recognized in the healthcare sector for his transformational leadership in the areas of emergency & crisis management, security & safety, pandemic & surge planning, and business continuity. Jeff was the system-level executive responsible for Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Safety, Security, and Regulatory Compliance for the entire continuum of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital & Healthcare System enterprise. He served as Incident Commander guiding 40,000+ employees through numerous internal and external emergency response and recovery operations including Hurricane Sandy, Ebola, H1N1 and 9/11.

    At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Jeff pioneered innovations including the launch of a fleet of Mobile Stroke Ambulances, telehealth initiatives, patient and employee safety programs. Jeff developed the #1 rated enterprise security program in the country distinguished by Security 500 Magazine.

    Certified in Lean Six Sigma, Jeff has managed multimillion-dollar budgets and led operational process improvement initiatives and teams resulting in enhanced revenue, patient experience and organizational culture.

    Jeff is active on several boards including the Cornell University Sloan Program in Healthcare Administration Executive Board and Cornell University Johnson School Institute for Healthy Futures Advisory Board.

    Jeff holds a Master of Healthcare Administration from the Sloan Program at Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Indiana University. He is a sought-after presenter at conferences and events, published author, and has done several media interviews. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

    Kyle McPhee

    Director of Preparedness Programs, Hagerty Consulting

    Kyle McPhee, currently Director of Preparedness Programs for Hagerty, is an experienced management professional who has worked with international, national, regional, state, local and private-sector organizations in the areas of emergency management, homeland security, business continuity, and public health preparedness.  His expertise includes project management, planning, facilitation and evaluation related to various topics including catastrophic incidents, mission ready packages, mass care, and evacuation.

    Kyle was instrumental in the development of national-level documents, including guidance related to planning within and among the FEMA Regional offices. He authored a high level emergency management policy at FEMA Headquarters, as well as the Mass Care Appendix for the joint federal-state catastrophic earthquake plan for FEMA Region VII. Kyle has worked in numerous local and State jurisdictions and has successfully implemented FEMA HQ emergency management programs at various levels, including the deployment of the National Mass Evacuation Tracking System (NMETS) and work on the National Shelter System (NSS) in the State of Missouri with FEMA Region VII and in City of Chicago along side FEMA Region V.

    Kyle has led, or participated in, evacuation-related planning efforts supporting: FEMA Headquarters and Regional Offices, the State of Missouri, IN-IL-WI Combined Statistical Area, the State of Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. An expert on mass care, he has supported many jurisdictions on issues ranging from Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) to pet sheltering planning. For nearly three years he supported the New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative (NERCPI). During this time, he worked with the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, as well as the urban areas of Providence, and numerous local agencies, on various mass care related concepts that tie directly into the region’s approach to evacuation and shelter. In the final year of this contract, he supported the jurisdictions in a multi-event training and exercise program, supporting more than a dozen tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises within a 12-month period.

    A great presenter and frequent speaker at industry-related conferences, his opinion is often sought on plan development by government agencies and jurisdictions. Kyle holds a Masters of Science in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness from Saint Louis University. When he is not on the road meeting with clients or his team, he resides in Missouri.